The Top Five Most Popular Spanish Dishes

Spain is well known for its fantastic, delicious and healthy foods. If you visit this country, you will be spoilt for choice since it has a long list of food you might want to try. Below are the five most popular foods you should not leave Spain without tasting.

Paella is famous in Spain with its origins in Valencia. If you want the real recipe, try it in any restaurant when you visit this city. It is the main course, mostly taken as lunch. It can be made using rabbit, chicken or seafood. Valencian paella consists of chicken, rabbit, white and green beans, with saffron and rosemary as spices.

This is fresh cold tomato soup. It is delicious and nutritious. Gazpacho is prepared from fresh tomatoes, cucumber, olive oil, garlic, peppers, and bread. These ingredients are blended together and chilled before serving. It is best offered as a main meal, or just as an appetizer.

This is a traditional Spanish omelet, that consists of potatoes and eggs. Onions can be used, but rarely. The potatoes are lightly fried using olive oil, and then flavored beaten eggs are added. Vegetables of choice may be included.

This is Spanish ratatouille. Its ingredients include eggplant, tomatoes, onions, and peppers. These vegetables are stewed slowly in olive oil and served as a meal or with bread as a side dish.

This is a pork sausage. It contains smoked paprika which is the secret to its great taste. Garlic and white wine are also used in flavoring. It can be served on its own, or alongside a meal.

Spanish food is delicious. If you visit this country, don’t miss the chance to try the above-mentioned Spanish foods; you will be left licking your fingers. If you are not in Spain, you can find them in a Spanish restaurant.