The 29th Wines from Spain Annual Tasting event was a successful one this year. The event brought together Spanish wineries and exporters who were supplying or would like to supply their wines in the UK.

In this event, around 300 Spanish cellars participated, showcasing over 1200 wines. The event gave UK trade drinks officials, the press and the UK locals the chance to taste Spanish wines and discover new ones in the market. The event was graced by around 450 consumers and 800 members of the press and the UK wines stakeholders.

Remember, unlike last year’s event, this fair was planned to be somewhat informal and was even held at the London’s Sky Garden. The cellars and exporters were able to serve the guests with their variety of wines, and after that, they would vote for the winners. Here are some of the notable winners in the fair:

  • Osborne’s Amontillado 51-1 – best dry fortified wine
  • Fernando de Castilla Vermouth – best sweet fortified
  • Freixenet Can Sala – best Cava
  • Bodegas Felix Sanz Vina Cimbron Verdejo – best white wine
  • Bodegas La Val Waitrose Vina Taboexa Albarino – best value white wine and best own label
  • Señorío de Rubiós Manuel d´Amaro Pedral – best discovery
  • Juan de la Barreda Acedo-Rico Torre de Barreda – best value red wine
  • Williams & Humbert Alegria Manzanilla – best value fortified wine

The winners received a special seal on the bottle so consumers can easily recognize them. This event also encouraged UK consumers to try new Spanish wines available in their market.

As the name ‘Heart of Spain’ suggests, this wine tasting event is significant in retaining the legacy of Spanish wines. It gives Spanish wine exporters and importers to showcase their new releases and upgraded wine to it consumers. This doesn’t promote Spanish wines in the UK only but in the whole world.