Spain is a melting pot for Europe’s most famous red wine varieties. By using modern machinery and techniques, Spanish cellars have turned ordinary red wines into sweet, fleshy, and tantalizing drinks, sought globally. In this article, learn about five popular Spanish red wine varieties.

This wine is made from the Vitis vinifera red grapes grown mainly in the Utiel-Requena region of Valencia. While the Bobal red wine isn’t popular outside of Spain, it is highly regarded locally, owing to its mild acidic taste, eye-catching purple color and a tasty black fruit flavor.

If you are craving for a red wine with a meaty taste of a Carignan, the Aged Tempranillo is the bottle of wine you should be ordering. It comes in five flavors; dill, tobacco, dried fig, strawberry and cedar. This party-pleaser wine goes with tacos and spicy chicken wings.

Each bottle of the Young Tempranillo red wine comes with a generous, savory fruit taste. The red wine is made from early maturing Tempranillo grapes. The Young Tempranillo is often matured for up to 4 months, before being decanted into bottles.

The Young Garnacha has a natural black cherry or red garnet color, making it look attractive in a glass. This wine has a high sugar and alcohol content and is thus blended with other varieties like the Mourvèdre, to lower the alcohol content, and give it a tannic taste.

This uniquely blended wine gives wine lovers notes of floral and fruit flavors. It is made from the Mencia grapes grown in the Galicia region. Its deep color is enticing, and the mineral-like texture leaves a great mellow taste.

These red wines offer an escape route to a new world of uniquely flavored wines from the Iberian Peninsula. Order a bottle today for a taste of Spain!