Spanish Foods Now Available on Amazon

If you are into cuisine, you understand that the most critical aspect of any dish is the recipe. You need to get the best ingredients, and most importantly, the freshest. But that’s not entirely easy, because there are few places where you can shop for Spanish food.

But, thanks to a partnership between Amazon and The Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade (ICEX), shoppers can now order their Spanish food directly from Amazon UK, Amazon Spain, and Amazon Germany. This is via a new platform dubbed ‘’Foods & Wines From Spain.’’ Even though it is only available to these three countries, we expect the programme to be expanded to others soon.

The program is set to open up new markets for the vast array of Spanish products. It was evident that the international Spanish food market was untapped, yet there was a surplus of produce in Spain. The government, through ICEX, partnered with Amazon to offer the Spanish small and medium-sized enterprizes (SMEs), a chance to sell their products internationally.

On the Amazon categories, you will find a range of food and wine to choose from. There are over 1,500 different items to discover. So, whether you are looking for the famous Iberian ham or a rare spice or herb, Amazon has got you covered. Among the offerings, you can get a 9lb Iberian steak at around $135, as well as a range of seafood.

Speaking at the launch of ‘’Foods & Wines From Spain,’’ Marisa Poncela, the commerce minister, said that the new partnership is set to create a ready international market for local companies. It is estimated that the Spanish SMEs that are already on Amazon doubled their sales in 2016, totaling almost 200 million euros. That tells you how reliable the new ICEX move is, and how it will change the Spanish local SMEs landscape.