Spanish Chefs Dominate StarChefs International Congress

In this year’s StarChefs International Chefs Congress, three Spanish professionals will be featured, and this tells you the vital place that Spanish cuisine holds today. The event will be held from 21st October to 23rd at Brooklyn Expo Center. The theme for this year’s event will be ‘’Cooking with Respect: Better People, Better Food.’’ The topics in the discussion include creating a good work environment and providing excellent hospitality.

There is one notable thing about the event; three of the main speakers are Spanish chefs, hoping to showcase their skills. The three chefs are Ramón Freixa, Alex Raij, and Oriol Balaguer. The Spanish trio will be gracing the event with talks, and discussions, around Spanish cuisine, as well as food in general.

On the first day, it is Ramón Freixa, who will be on stage first, taking the other chefs through his talk on ‘’My Philosophy: Product, Technique and Feeling.’’ The Michelin-star restaurant chef will also be discussing ‘’ Under a Black Garlic Veil,’’ telling the deep secrets of black garlic.

On the same day, Saint Julivert Fisherie’s Alex Raij will be the captain of a workshop dubbed ‘’From the Spanish Hearth,’’ where she will share with the rest of the chefs, the secrets of tapas, one of Spains most popular dishes. This is just one among the local Spanish dishes she will be handling.

Lastly, Oriol Balaguer will feature a talk themed ‘’The Sweet Cuisine,’’ which is a deep dive into pastry. In the session, he will be showcasing several desserts, and pastry recipes, as well as his latest boutique.

This is just part of the schedule that will be going down during the 13th Annual StarChefs International Chefs Congress. There will also be a Spanish food fair, where different Spanish food companies will be showcasing their ingredients. That means it is an event that any serious food connoisseur out there should not miss!