Traveling with kids can be a challenge when it comes to feeding time. Some children are picky eaters, and this can get ugly if you don’t give them their favorite foods. The good news is that, when you visit Spain, you need not worry. This because you will find a variety of kids’ menus to chose from. Below are the top three best Spanish dishes for children.

These are simple baked snacks that kids will love. They are made of chicken, pork and cheese. Most children love cheese so they will be delighted by them. Also, they will enjoy the chicken, as well as the pork, all at the same time. You will find empanadas sold by street vendors and in restaurants.

Paella is a great rice meal you will find in most Spanish restaurants. It originated in Valencia and became popular throughout the rest of Spain. But it is advisable to try it only when in Valencia itself so that your kids can enjoy the real paella. It was originally served with seafood, but nowadays it is also may contain rabbit, chicken, and shrimp.

This is not only healthy food, but it is also heart friendly. It mainly consists of garbanzo beans and stewed meat. Most children love it, so it is likely that your kids will like it too. The only challenge is that the meat is still attached to bones, but once removed, you can relax and watch them as they enjoy the savoriness.

Spanish restaurants have invested heavily in children’s food. You won’t need to worry about what your kids will eat when you visit Spain. They will have more than enough food to choose from. So, at last, you can chill out and enjoy your vacation, since your little one is sorted.