Seafood is a staple dish in Spanish cuisine. It is made readily available by the fact that a significant part of the country is surrounded by coastline, and also has several islands. This makes seafood very common on most Spanish menus. Let’s discuss the five best seafood dishes in Spain.

Paella de Mariscos, also known as Seafood Paella, is the most famous dish in Spain. It originated from Valencia. The seafood and fish used in making paella include shrimps, mussels or prawns. Saffron strands, paprika, and garlic spices flavor it.

This dish is from the Basque county. It’s prepared by frying salted cod in garlic, chilli and olive oil. Then, the sauce is added to oils from the fish and is poured on top before serving it.

Bullit de Peix is a stew made from at least three fish species. This meal has two courses. The first course is made by boiling the fish, with a mix of garlic, peppers, tomatoes, onions, spices, and herbs. The second helping is Arroz a banda which is rice cooked in the fish stock. It is served with aioli, a mixture of garlic and mayonnaise.

This dish is made from fish which is spiced, seasoned and then laid out to dry in the sun. The dried fish is later grilled lightly and served with salads or any other dish of preference.

This meal originated in Murcia. It is made by baking sea bream in a salt crust. The purpose of the crust is to seal in the fish oils and juices.

If you are fortunate enough to visit Spain, don’t leave without trying these seafood dishes. They are not only mouthwatering but healthy too. But remember the basic rule, order what others are eating; that’s the best dish in the region.