Portuguese cuisine is usually delicious, and is, of course, healthy and balanced. It is made from fresh ingredients and prepared by the best chefs. Fish and seafood is a staple in Portuguese cuisine, with wine never too far away. Discussed below are the top five Portuguese foods you should try.

Bacalhau also referred to as codfish, is very popular in Portugal. It can be prepared in different ways, but most commonly, bacalhau is made from salted cod, onions, egg, olives and parsley. It is mostly offered during the Christmas period.

This dish is made of monkfish and rice. It is very popular among Portuguese locals. It is prepared by mixing chopped monkfish, rice, tomatoes and a variety of spices and herbs. It is delicious and healthy. You can also find variations including codfish rice or seafood rice.

This is one of the yummiest Portuguese chicken dishes. A whole small chicken is used and well grilled with a mix of spices. Commonly, it is served with chips and fresh salad.

Both locals and visitors love grilled sardines. This tasty meal is usually seasoned using salt, and it is mouth-watering when served with potatoes and tomato salad. If you want to enjoy it like the locals, eat it on a slice of bread using your fingers; you will love it.

This is a very delicious dish, mainly made of pork meat, cabbage, and other vegetables. The two main ingredients are mixed, well spiced and cooked together slowly.

Portuguese food never disappoints. If you get a chance to visit Portugal, don’t leave without trying out the food mentioned above. You can also get some of the dishes in Portuguese restaurants. So, the next time you feel like exploring a different cuisine, try a Portuguese speciality.