New Spanish Cuisine Grocery Opens In Downtown Vancouver

It’s good news for all Spanish cuisine lovers now that a new Spanish food store has opened in Vancouver. Named Lola & Miguel, the outlet is set to give Spanish cuisine and cooking enthusiasts an opportunity to experience the same recipes as they would have in Barcelona, Valencia or Madrid.

The establishment has been set up in the former Pender Grocery premises and is based on the same concept as Pender. Some of the Spanish foods you can get at Lola & Miguel include Iberian ham (jamón ibérico), paella, conservas, anchovies, Bomba rice, olive oil, and so on.

But what makes Lola & Miguel stand from the crowd bearing in mind it’s not the first of its kind in North America. Well, Lola & Miguel is a standalone specialty Spanish cuisine grocery in downtown Vancouver and the first Spanish grocery store in Canada’s seaport city. Being a specialty store, you will get the best Spanish cuisine ingredients, the same top chefs in Spain and Spanish international hotels use to prepare the savory dishes.

The couple who own the business, Shawn and Kelly Pisios are great lovers of the Spanish food culture, and that explains their choice for specialization in Spanish gastronomy. Previously, they have been involved in beer and cider imports. That means they have an excellent logistical background to make sure you get the best and most importantly, fresh ingredients. If you have been to many of these Spanish international hotels, the dishes are not so great because they lack fresh ingredients.

The couple seems to have got their planning right now that they have partnered with Serrano Imports which was the first to bring jamón to North America. While Serrano will be dealing majorly with the logistical part, the couple will focus their attention on the other side of the business. This is a clear plan that seeks to ensure all the produce is fresh, that’s what chefs want!