You will agree with me that Spanish cuisine is rich and diverse and that explains its popularity. But unlike many cuisine types, there are specific Spanish dishes that you can’t find in any other restaurant or region, including Spain itself. Today, I want to talk about three unique Spanish dishes you need to avoid eating in just any Spanish restaurant.

Paella is best served in Valencia and Valenciana restaurants. If you order elsewhere, chances are that you are not getting the real paella. Probably, you won’t like it because it might have been bought elsewhere and refrigerated for long. It would be disappointing ordering the famous paella and getting something different.

When you visit Spain, try to learn their meals culture. This is because you might end up surprising people after you order a heavy breakfast. They usually have a very light breakfast but a very heavy lunch and a considerably light dinner. They also rarely take hot beverages for breakfast. So avoid heavy foods like fried eggs and go for fruits, cookies or any other light dishes.

Gazpacho is a cold tomato soup common in southern Spain. It would not be worth ordering it in restaurants in town or overseas Spanish restaurants. This is because it is mostly bought in the local food groceries. So, there is a high chance that it will not be fresh. Some people take it as an alternative dinner. But instead of getting disappointed look for other better and similar options like Salmorejo.

While in Spain, you have an excellent opportunity to try its famous dishes. Just be careful to avoid meals that will disappoint you. Just be keen on the food culture of people in the location you visit. And avoid foods that are not famous in those areas, and you will not be disappointed.